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This video helps explain the uk spouse visa requirements and how one can go about seeking professional services for a uk spouse visa. It is a video about Catherine, who  back in 2012 , visited a close friend in Sydney, Australia.

Whilst  visiting the Sydney Opera House she first met Cameron and they became romantically involved.

When she returned to London, they  both remained very much in love and kept regular contact via SKYPE, emails and regular phone calls.

As the relationship grew stronger, Catherine made a further visit to Sydney and they got married in early 2013.

Later that year, she started making plans to have Cameron come and live with her in London on a permanent basis.

Since they were now married, she thought obtaining a UK Spouse Visa for her husband would be easy, especially being British and married.

Under the UK immigration rules it was necessary for her to earn  £ 18,600  a year, in order to satisfy the minimum income threshold requirement. However her situation was rather complicated because she is a self employed business owner and it was necessary for her to provide all her business accounts and documents from the Inland Revenue confirming her earnings.

She spent a lot of time on the UKBA Home Office website, looking for information about how someone in her situation should proceed.

She found the information overwhelming, confusing and despite surfing many pages of information, she was still unclear what she should do.

This is the time she decided to approach a UK Immigration law firm. she searched online for immigration solicitors near London and decided to contact Zaidi Solicitors because their website looked professional and informative.

The moment she contacted them, she immediately knew she was in the right hands. They agreed to deal with her husband’s immigration matter and immediately arranged an initial assessment of the case.

With so much clarity on the situation provided by Zaidi Solicitors, she had no hesitation to instruct them to deal with her husband’s full matter.

A mere six weeks later, Cameron’s UK spouse visa was granted all thanks to Zaidi Solicitors for helping Catherine during this stressful time in her life.

If you require urgent advice regarding your UK Spouse Visa, your first point of contact should be Zaidi Solicitors.

Contact them today on 0207 416 6673


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